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Selling at Brecon


  • Please make sure all passports and microchips correspond to the correct entry.

  • Entry for lorries and vehicles towing a trailer will be through the top gate and you will be required to provide passports for ALL horses & ponies at the unloading bays.

  • Once you have unloaded, please remove your vehicle off the unloading bay as soon as possible.

  • All Horse & Ponies will be scanned at the unloading bay. Passports and microchips will be checked and lot numbers allocated.

  • If you wish to place a reserve on your lot(s) please complete a reserve form which can be obtained from the market on the day of sale and hand into the office or to an Auctioneer prior to your lot(s) being offered.

  • Please ensure an accurate description is on the entry form. Any further information must be announced on the day of sale in the ring by the auctioneer if anything has changed or been missed. 

  • All vendors will receive a catalogue in the post prior to the sale. If additional catalogues are required they can be downloaded from the website or picked up at the market on the day of the sale.


  • The Seller will pay to the Auctioneer a commission of 5% of the hammer price of each Lot plus VAT with a minimum commission of £10 plus VAT per lot. 

  • Where a horse is “Bought In” the Seller will pay a minimum commission fee of £100 plus VAT or 5% of the hammer price (whichever is the greater). 

  • Commission is payable in full by the Seller to the Auctioneers even if a horse is subsequently returned by the Buyer to the Seller in accordance with the complaints procedure hereunder or for any other reason. 

  • In the event that a horse is sold subject to veterinary examination and in the event that a horse is returned by the Buyer in accordance with a veterinary certificate obtained within the warranty period, then the Seller shall pay to the Auctioneer a commission of 3% of the gross sale price plus VAT. 

  • Any private sale made on the day of sale must be booked through the Auctioneers. 


  • Vendors & purchasers please note all items in the sale will be made secure by McCartneys staff up to 2pm on sale day. After this time lots become the sole responsibility of the purchaser. No refunds or allowances will be made if lots are missing.

Pony in sale ring
Auctioneers rostrum
Horse in sale ring
Auctioneers selling
Horse in sale ring
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