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Brecon Market in Powys sell over 3000 horses and ponies annually and offers a modern market with excellent facilities, located adjacent to the junction of the A470 and A40 roundabout next to Brecon Town.

To enter an equine in the forthcoming sale, please choose one of the sales from the drop down menu at the top of the screen to submit and pay for your entry.

You can enter up to four Equines at a time online at a cost of £18.00 per catalogued lot inc. of VAT.

Please note entries close 10 days prior to the sale date.  After this time, late entry fees below will apply.  Please contact the relevant market by phone to enter and pay.  £36.00 (inc. of VAT) per late entry and £24.00 (inc. of VAT) per late entry for lots under 12 months of age on day of sale.

Foals sold with their mothers must have a passport and be microchipped. Foals can be sold on their own, providing they are at least four months of age and must have a passport and be microchipped.

Vendors please make sure an accurate description is put on the entry form.  Any further information must be announced on the day of sale in the ring by the Auctioneer if anything has changed or been missed.

McCartneys Livestock Market, Warren Road,

Brecon, LD3 8EX

01874 622386

Welcome to McCartneys Equine Sales Brecon

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