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Worcester Equine Sales - Online Entry Form

Sale Date: 28th September 2024
(Closing Date 18th September at midnight)

Are you registered for VAT?

You can enter up to 4 Equines using this form.  

Once you have completed all of the details, use the button below to submit.

~ £18.00 per catalogued lot inc. of VAT ~

Please note, entries close 10 days prior to the sale date.  After this time, late entry fees below will apply.

Please contact the relevant market to enter and pay.

£36.00 (inc. of VAT) per late entry on day of sale.

£24.00 (inc. of VAT) per late entry under 12 months

of age on day of sale.

Select the total number of Equines you are entering before continuing

Please ensure an accurate description is on the entry form. Any further information must be announced on the day of sale in the ring by the Auctioneer if anything has been changed or missed. Any reserves will be taken on the day, not prior to the sale.

Entry 1 - Sex
Enter another Equine?
Entry 2 - Sex
Enter another Equine?
Entry 3 - Sex
Enter another Equine?
Entry 4 - Sex

Thank you for submitting your entries.

Online entries are now closed for the 28th September sale. Please contact Phillip Blackman-Howard on 07815 743478 to manually enter and pay.

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